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End-to-end monitoring and service level management confusion

What is end-to-end monitoring and service level management, and why should I care? It may seem like a somewhat excessive introduction, but honestly, after spending days trying to understand these two terms, I’m not only very confused, but also temped to conclude that they are just another couple of terms that has no purpose, what so ever, than to sound like something smart and expensive.

My understanding of the term end-to-end monitoring is this. Simply to monitor the performance of a given service in details. Response times, execution times, bottlenecks and so on and so forth, but if that’s all, I don’t understand why a term, that is just as long as the actual explanation of the term, is needed, when all is actually do, is to confuse people.  I’m sure I’m mistaken here, but I have spend quite some time investigating this.

Regarding the term service level management, it makes a bit more sense. As I understand it, it is simply a matter of investigating if a particular service, like a webhost, actually delivers what is promised, which can often be hard to determine. but yet again, the term itself offer little offers little meaning as to what it actually represent, and it is hard to find explanations that regular people can be expected to understand.

In the end, End-to-end monitoring and service level management, are terms that offer little meaning and much confusion. At least that is how I see it.